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About Us- Indian gaming insight

About Us: What is Indian Gaming Insight? 

Indian Gaming Insight is an English blogging website with information on gaming and the latest news regarding games.

Our job is to collect information on different subjects, by compiling the data and making it into an article for conveying to the readers. 

He writes blogging websites and architect by profession, but by heart, he is a GAMER.

In Indian Gaming Insight, articles are provided information related to gaming reviews, blogs, and News related to Games.

In all this topic, the writer works with passion dedication at hard work by doing Research and preparing the content according to the likes and interests of our readers. 

Who is the writer of the Indian Gaming Insight?

Authors/Owner of the Indian Gaming Insight websites doesn’t prefer to reveal their names.

All you can know is that he/she is an Architect by profession and belongs to New Delhi.

He has done his/ her Bachelor of architecture from ITM University Gwalior, MP. 

As a professional he/she also works as a freelancing architect who works on his or her project and outsources the other’s project also.

He/she also owns od two more companies, which are SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE, AL DESIGN JOURNALSPACE CREATOR & FUTURE ARRIVALS

The first website is Architectural Design- a consultancy with a blogging website, and the second one is a Blogging and affiliate marketing website. 

How did he/she become a blogger?

The user of any blog, who has a keen interest in reading and writing. Also known as the strategy of the Internet and its algorithm a little bit.

We have Another Website which consists of Architectural projects, news and blogs. For more details read our Articles you will find out what we do…


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