Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India | Read this interesting article

Today we can discuss seven reasons Why Esports gaming is not popular in India. We also gonna discuss what is the best way to courage the new generation towards the Indian E-gaming industry. 

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

So let’s discuss the 3 Reasons Why Esports gaming is not popular in India, and they are:-

Less the population of Esports gamers in India 

It is one of the major reasons why Esports gamer is not popular in India. Sports gaming is a very good platform but very limited in some constant.  if you see the condition of sports gaming in India it’s get limited to very small regions like metropolitan cities.  

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

But if you are nice any sports event in Tier 2 and tier 3 cities will be going to be Pathetic in terms of monetary expense and User experience also.  Do you know only 30% of the population uses the internet, Even most of them don’t know even how to use internet explorer? Even out of 30% even don’t know how to fully operate WhatsApp and Facebook. 

So how come they know about Esports gaming which is far ahead of “Just using the internet”? Most people are playing the game just for fun. If somebody does it as a professional,  that thing that it’s it’s just a fancy thing, not a profession.  

Most people in India think that streaming on YouTube and Other streaming and social platform is just a waste of time don’t they don’t even know that they can make money out of it.

Even most of the youth in India do know about Esports gaming and even they like that also. but due to some reasons which may be personal, they prefer to quit this platform. And the reason is:- 

  • Most of the Esports gamers are almost 18 to 30 years of age which may be considered youth. Most of them are employed but most of them are just studying or doing some degrees in that colleges. This is the time when they have to study and if they are not employed then they have to rely on their parents’ expenses. 
  • Most of the youth prefer to live with their parents, Most of the conditions when their parents do not agree with the decision they will ask that child to just do the study and get the job. So if you are a sports gamer you can do as part-time but not as a full-time professional job. so convince your parents and make them understand what E-sports gaming is. 
  • If you see on YouTube, twitch and other platforms there are few E-sports gamers as compared to yours in terms of ratio. You may consider as pointless but this makes sense.
  • If you see the platform as a profession there are lots of vacancies available in India.
  • If you are a master in gaming, especially FPS but don’t ready to show your social platform then how come people know you and your gameplay?

Internet speed Issues 

Internet speed issue in India is very common, that’s why is sports gamer most of the time face lag issues while playing FPS game online.

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

If you survey the internet speed of other countries like South America uh USA Europe and Asian countries like South Korea and Japan you will find they are far ahead as compared to our internet speed.

While playing the FPS game on PC,  the average Ping of the game are are nearby 10 to 40 or even an 80s. But Abroad most people play with an average Ping of 5 to 10 and it will hardly go around 20 to 25 while they are facing the internet issue.

This internet lagging or high ping issue in India creates a lot of chaos for ESports Gamers,  This thing needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

E-sports gaming means competition with the whole world and the most important thing is the Internet. If the internet is slow then your player is slow automatically no no matter how good he or she is. 

Gaming PC and their accessories are costly in India

Gaming PC and accessories are a bit costly in India as compared to other Countries.

If you just see the matter related to Graphic cards. you will find that in Asian countries like South Korea and Japan and others the price will be 20% to 30% cheaper than in India. 

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

This is generally happening due to a shortage of silicon chips.  Taiwan used to manufacture the silicon chipsets of almost 80% of electronic gadgets and hardware. 

Importing from Taiwan to India chip cost may be Doubles or triple so automatically the hardware in India will be costly as compared to other countries.

There are few manufacturers who manufacture and assemble PC hardware and products. but they are rolling in the PC industry is very low, because most of them are used to make small gadgets like keyboards, Mouse, Wi-Fi modems, and others.

But what about the big Parts?

Before 2020, India was not in THE role of manufacturing its own silicon hardware chips. but after the covid situation and Indian government decided to rely on the Make-in-India policy.

But Now India is also in the race of manufacturing the chipsets and hardware to promote the Make-in-India policy. It is good because now sports gamers and other PC users will get beneficiary from buying the hardware because it will give them Affordable hardware and other PC accessories but Better quality.


As a cover whole Article, these issues related to PC gamers are not popular in India. Maybe they are popular among the community but not in the majority. If you ask whose fault is this we will say there is nobody responsible for that it’s just the condition those conditions need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Why Esports gaming is not popular in India

There are more points that are responsible that why E-sports Gamers are not popular in India but these three regions are the basic major reasons. If only these three basic issues get resolved, then we can observe that almost 50% more public will enter this profession. 

Hope you like Our article, thank you.

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