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Top 8 Value-Packed best Valorant skins of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, an Extensive catalogue of the best valorant skins may not offer many affordable options that provide great value, but Riot has surprised players with some well-crafted and budget-friendly skins. In this list, we’ll highlight these economical yet impressive skins that are worth mentioning.

The store releases this year were, as always, impressive, but I was pleasantly taken aback by the captivating skins featured in the majority of 2023’s battle passes. Despite already owning animated skins, I couldn’t resist purchasing some of these remarkable battle passes, and it wasn’t just for the Radianite points. Now, let’s showcase some of the top “bang for your buck” VALORANT skins of 2023.

2023’s Top-Performing VALORANT Skins: A Guide to Exceptional Value for Your Investment

9 Lives, one of the Best valorant skins

9 Lives is one of the Best valorant skins

The cuteness of the 9 Lives skins is something I can’t stop admiring. These skins were introduced in the battle pass of Episode Six, Act One and consisted of designs for the Guardian, Ares, Phantom, and Classic weapons. The 9 Lives Classic Best valorant skins, are available for free to those who completed the battle pass, allowing players to obtain it without any cost.

The 9 Lives collection, showcasing adorable illustrations of agents Jett, Reyna, Viper, and Raze in four different variations, was offered alongside a variety of skins and cosmetics for the affordable price of 1,000 VP. Unfortunately, those who missed out on purchasing the battle pass will have to wait for another opportunity to get their hands on these charming collectables.

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Sandswept Dagger, one of the Rearest valorant skins

Sandswept Dagger- rarest valorant skins
SandsweptDagger- rarest valorant skins

Introduced alongside Episode Seven’s Act Three battle pass, the Sandswept Dagger stands out as an incredibly valuable melee skin in VALORANT. With its exquisite design, it comes in four different colour options. Although all of them are impressive, the Indigo variant’s eye-catching aesthetic is my personal favourite. You can Consider this skin as Rearest valorant skins, because It’s hardly used or seen in a player’s inventory.

If you’re reading this before January 9, 2024, you still have a chance to get your hands on the coveted dagger by purchasing the Episode Seven, Act Three battle pass for 1,000 VP and reaching Level 50. However, keep in mind that once the timer runs out, the opportunity to obtain the dagger through this method will be lost forever.

Sandswept Marshal: valorant battle pass skins

Sandswept Marshal: valorant battle pass skins

The Sandswept Marshal in Episode Seven, Act 3 valorant battle pass skins caught my interest because they share similarities with the highly regarded Sovereign Marshal skin in VALORANT. While it may not possess the elegant animations and sound effects of the Sovereign, it offers a fantastic alternative for players like me who don’t frequently use the weapon but still appreciate the Sovereign’s overall experience.

Just like the Sandswept Dagger, you have the opportunity to obtain this attractive skin for the affordable sniper rifle when you buy the battle pass before Jan. 9, 2024.

Oni Vandal: valorant new skin bundle

Oni Vandal, its valorant new skin bundle

The Oni collection stands out for its exceptionally smooth SFX, with no other skin line coming close. Although I wasn’t initially impressed with the Oni Vandal when it was first introduced, I’ve since come to appreciate its unique qualities. While I don’t currently own one, I’d happily pick one up if I came across it, purely for the joy of experiencing its silky-smooth feel when landing headshots.

With a price tag of 1,775 VP, the Oni Vandal is a worthwhile purchase for budget-conscious buyers. It can be acquired from both the store and the Night Market, increasing the possibility of obtaining it at a discounted rate compared to its initial cost.

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Valiant Hero Operator

I haven’t had the chance to use the Operator as much as I would have liked, which is why I only have one skin for it. However, I was able to try out the Valiant Hero collection during a preview of Episode Seven, Act Three, and I was impressed with the way the Monkey King theme looked on the Operator. Unlike other skins I’ve tried, which have been too flashy or distracting, this one felt perfectly balanced on the powerful sniper rifle.

At a budget-friendly price of 1,775, the Valiant Hero Operator is a top choice for players who desire to wield the weapon without breaking the bank. Its affordability doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, as its variants boast striking designs. Plus, its finisher is truly show-stopping, calling upon the legendary Monkey King and his ethereal staff.

Neo Frontier Sheriff(best sheriff skins valorant) and Marshal ( valorant skin changer)

The Neo Frontier skin line blends the spirit of the Wild West with contemporary flair, featuring four weapon skins and a melee weapon. While all the skins in the collection are noteworthy, the Sheriff and Marshal stand out from the rest.

Priced at 2,175 VP each, these two skins boast distinctive animations that make them well worth the investment.

The Neo Frontier Sheriff & Marshal becomes exhilarating to use with its spin-around animation, especially for players who enjoy trick-shooting their foes. Conversely, the Neo Frontier Sheriff possesses a unique style that distinctly impacts players.

RDVR Phantom

Starting with Episode Seven, Act Two, the RDVR Phantom will seem like a standard battle pass skin at first glance, but it holds a secret. The Easter egg associated with it becomes apparent when you examine Deadlock’s Agent Select animation or her introduction trailer closely. That’s when you’ll notice she’s wielding the distinctively crafted RDVR Phantom.

Composite Knife

The Composite Knife, which comes with the battle pass for Episode Seven, Act One, is an affordable and valuable addition to our collection of distinctive melee weapons released this year.

Even though I have several animated melee skins in my possession, there are instances where I deliberately opt to use the Composite Knife. I am fond of its unique and unconventional appearance, as well as its slashing animation (activated by right-clicking). Despite its simplicity, there is an inexplicable sense of gratification that comes from examining this particular knife.

I appreciate Riot‘s decision to include Deadlock’s preferred skin in VALORANT, allowing players to use it in their matches. Although the RDVR Phantom may not have any animations or be as enticing as other high-end skins, combining it with the additional items obtained through the battle pass for a mere 1,000 VP makes it feel satisfying and valuable to have a skin that is connected to an agent’s backstory rather than just a pistol skin.

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